Been wanting to add journal entries to my site, so I linked an upcoming one on the extras page (which leads to a 404), but haven't uploaded it because it's a WIP.

The projects page won't be done likely until June to July 2022. It'll involve scanning lots of darkroom prints i have done, which takes me god-knows-how-long on my awfully slow 600 DPI scanner.


Sorry for the complete radio silence on this site. Been preoccuppied with other important and somewhat unimportant things making up my mental sphere. I probably won't be working on this site until June when life calms down a bit, though I could work on this site next week if I can try to squeeze time in the afternoon. My priorities are the interests and film projects site, so expect those to be out soon.

These kinds of announcements seem to be commonplace on my blog section...!
Also, I may change the site font soon. I just feel like doing it for whatever reason.

The 1 year anniversary of this current redesign is coming in a week, so hooray for that!


It's been a while since I've touched this website... I've got some stuff to do, but I hope to get back to working on this place soon!

I can attest that working on my interests page has been a real pain in the ass. I'm trying to go with something that pushes the boundaries of my CSS skills, and kind of want it to be a bit more "variable" in terms of how elements float on the page, rather than a page where everything floats down.

I've been scanning a lot of my hand-developed negatives, so expect my projects page to have a lot of photos by the time I have everything ready! (And the push to actually get the work on it started!)


Just rolled out a bunch of little updates to the site!

Finally got to adding some cool people's sites to my links page! Don't know if I missed any, but if you'd like your site to be added to it, feel free to contact me! It's really nice to get to know people around here.

Revised the about page to add a new 88x31 button for those of whom that are going for a more GeoCities/old-web look to their site yet still want to add my button to their site, and an email link to those of whom who don't really prefer to use Discord.

I've been scanning a lot of my negatives, so expect some of those photos to be added to the photography section soon. (and my projects page, eventually)

As for things I want to get done... my interests page is currently a work in progress, but it may take a while since I want to kind of push the envelope in terms of my web design limits for that specific page. I would also like to completely revise my photography section, too. It's mostly organizing each of the photos by either year or camera used, so it may take a long time.

Forgot to mention this since this just happened, but 20k views!!! On my little site!!! In this corner of the web!!!


I feel so terribly sorry for the people of Ukraine. I hope everything works out right, and this war ceases.


I've been working on this website for the past few days in the background, getting the stuff that I told myself to get done months ago.

I finally added my 88x31 button! It's at the bottom of my about page. Feel free to add it to your website!

Very soon, I'll be adding various self-developed photos I've done in a photo lab to the new photo projects page, which include some scans and prints.

I just added my site to Gossip's Web, a small directory of various handmade websites. I thought it would be cool to be apart of this little directory and to gain a little more traffic to my site through other people who are also interested in the handmade aspect of making websites. Upon adding my website, I got a guestbook message from the creator of the directory, which was really sweet to see. Elliot, if you're reading this, thank you for the message!! I'm not too keen on most modern cameras, but I can give you a list of some cool old cameras that produce amazing photos/videos! Edit as of a few hours later: I found out that you can reply to people on smartgb. Took me 7 whole months to realize this. Sigh.


Back again with my monthly blog post... Just checking in on things here. Sorry for the utter lack of updates. Been doing my best to clean up the markup on cameras.html but it's proving to be a very grueling task. More updates to come soon! I hope...