cnug (pronounced see-nug)
Who are you?

I often ask this myself!

What are your interests?

You read all about them right here.

What is the point of this website?

I really don't know. A creative outlet? A personal page? Could be either. Although this website was originally made to be a landing page for my social media accounts a few years ago, I've strayed away from that idea to turn this place into my personal website.

On that topic, where are your social media accounts now?

There are none! I've grown to not really like having public social media accounts given the fact that there's limited customization potential, and social media in general is a terrible way to output yourself to the world. There's a lot more I don't like about social media, but it's kinda hard to put into words the grievances I have with the medium in general.
This website is the only place where you can find me, and I like it this way.
In the even you do need to contact me, my email is down below. It may take me a bit to respond, but I'll be sure to get to you!

Why the minimal design?

I really haven't gotten to work a crap ton on the design to be honest. It's kind of simple like this because of time constraints: school, work, and such. I do plan on making my website a bit more unique in the future, but for now, it's just gonna stay like this.


If anyone can make a slightly better button for me, that'd be greatly appreciated! I'll still probably try to make one myself. Sorry if this is kind-of a bland looking button!


Alternate button for those going for a more GeoCities-era approriate style.