Hi all. American colleges are sending students home for Thanksgiving, which gives me some good time re-allocate my attention-span to this place for a little bit of time! Hooray for holidays.

Gave this place a new logo. I am distancing myself from the moniker "cnug". Just a little bit. To my neighbors that are using my 88x31 button with the original "cnug" name on it, don't worry. I'm not going to start messaging you to change it, think that's too much of a stupid hassle.
Decided to make the logo, with my URL/profile name, like a two sided paper, hovering over it showing the other side. It was an idea I wanted to go for back when I made the last logo, but was too lazy, as always. Instead of it being a fade-in/out CSS hover, I could make it a flip animation. That'd be cool!

I wanted to make my interests page a really cool and advanced looking webpage some time ago. I even planned it out on some loose-leaf with some CSS notes on how I should margin, float, and style parts of the page. This, of course, never came to fruition. I planned it out all the way back in February '22.

So now, instead, I will likely just make it some simple list of things I like. I've been wanting to do this fairly recently because there's a heavy lack of personality on my website on my part. I feel like the only thing you guys know about me is that I like photography and collecting cameras, which is a bit lack-luster now that I think about it. Hoping maybe in the next few days I can get something out for the page? You'll see on my Neocities profile. May even update the blog by then, too.

My giant Dell P2417H has been dying on me recently. It's been a great monitor for me since '19 but for some reason it's constantly giving me these "screens of doom" -- e.g. turning it on to see my screen flashing with a bright white fog slowly coming up, or sometimes just not turning on all together. One day it just completely refused to turn on, so I had no other choice but to cycle through my other monitors. I made my previously secondary 1904fpt my main monitor, a 5:4 1280x1024 TN display, and made my second monitor my E153FP, a 4:3 1024x768 TN display. Both monitors are from 2004, almost 19 years old, yet still work flawlessly, except for some screen blemishes that don't seem to hinder anything. I thought that using more square-like aspect rations might bring some problems and some getting used to... But surprisingly not! I've been actually enjoying using these monitors. It's a huge shame that my far newer and maybe slightly better monitor is crapping out on me, but I really don't care.

Using any application that isn't a media editor (like Vegas or Photoshop) isn't actually that bad, and browsing the internet is totally fine, that is when it comes to using the 1904. support for resolutions greater than 1280x1024 is still common, but when it comes to using the E153, issues are somewhat present. Except if you're browsing the web on older websites, which I must say is actually terrific with older monitors, using the E153 outside of that application is really all that it can do. Websites and applications, even as far back as '08 - '10, quietly dropped support for resolutions lower than 1280x1024, so using them with a monitor below that resolution can be a clunky nightmare. It's great as a second monitor, but not a main one. It's a humbling surprise that the 1904, a monitor from the same era with a slightly larger resolution, is a hundred times more useful than the E153.

Anyhow, that's the end of that. What do you guys think of these longer blog entries? I thought I'd utilise this section of my site a little more to give personal updates, instead of it just being some bland changelog about what's new. I've got an entire website that I can utilise at my will and I should be taking advantage of it, dammit!
Semester ends mid December. Expect maybe some fun updates by then, hoping that my job won't get in the way. That is if I can get my job back by then.